Monday, May 16, 2011

A cure for the Monday blahs

Fortunately, you're getting to read this and not see me in person, because the close-up is scary. Really scary. I look pretty much like I've been run over by a truck. Feel like it, too. DS's health problems mean I don't get a lot of sleep - in fact I spend a lot of time counting how many times he stops breathing during the night. Sometimes, those sleepless nights catch up with me. Like today. I was all ready to feel sorry for myself.

And then I paid a couple bills. And decided to tally my debt, just for kicks, to see if there was any progress. Turns out there was! I have paid off more than $500 since the last time I updated. I haven't fixed my debt totals under the tab yet, but I did fix the ticker and my mood did an about face. So far this year, I've paid off $7,473.04! Almost makes the pain feel worth it :)

Little Lamb from "Little Lamb wants to be debt free" said it best:

It's moving! The credit card on your ticker!!! I can see part of the next black number!!! YAY!!!

Can't wait until I can separate the credit card and current debt from the original debt on the ticker!

Happy Monday, everyone!



  1. I'm so happy that despite very difficult circumstances that you have chosen to see some positives.

    I pray that the rest you are able to get is quality and helps your body restore itself.

  2. You are doing it. Remember that this is going to go quicker and quicker. The more you pay off the less interest you will pay and the principle gets larger. Go! Go!

  3. Another $500 - that's terrific!

  4. Wow well done!!! I wish my progress was as good as yours!!! I know it sucks being in debt but think how great it will feel to be out of it! And once your done you can focus on saving for retirement and you will be in such better financial shape than a lot of people!

  5. Good going. Little Lamb did say it best. You've done a lot to be proud of even if you don't see it every day. It's harder to see but it's there. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  6. Well Done! That's $500 that won't be accruing interest. Keep up the good work :-)