Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coming up for air

Let me introduce myself. Again.

I'm Sarah's big sis, sharing full-fledged determination to gain control of our finances one way or another.

I'm an optimist.

Life is particularly full at the moment. Our daughter is getting married next month, and while the wedding is a small, relatively simple affair, she, her fiance, and the wedding location are over five hours away, so when wedding questions/'issues' beckon, I listen. This is a once-in-a-lifetime happening, and she is our only daughter.

The bulk of the wedding expenses are being taken care of by her very generous father-in-law-to-be. We are blessed and know it! The entire wedding hoopla is the good news.

The bad news, financially speaking, is that I learned last night that the 12th-month paycheck mentioned to my teacher/coach husband as a raise at his job interview last year won't be happening this summer. I'm not shocked, of course, because what teacher is getting a raise, but still.... After thinking that this would be the first summer in untold years we weren't going to be in as much financial quicksand as usual, it was a blow.

The Month Without Pay coincides with the scary first tax payment for 2011, thanks in large part to circumstances beyond our control and the loss of two dependents simultaneously.


Ending on a positive note, however, is my steal (not literally!) of a men's clearance t-shirt to replace the ragged nightshirt I left at home during our recent trip to visit our daughter. With her employee discount of 25¢, the shirt was a whopping $2.42! The bonus of the screened bowtie, suspenders, and Kiss Me I'm Lucky badge was just that.

AND... in searching for a price at Earth Fare yesterday, I came across an invitation to sign up for coupon alerts. We love Earth Fare; however, the closest one is 30 miles away, and while they do have specials, we've tried to limit our 'extra' driving as much as we can to counter hubby's 120-mile commute a day.

I clicked on Earth Fare's web site to sign up for the coupon alerts and for doing so, I got a coupon for a free dinner with a $10 purchase! You must be able to print out the coupon at that time because it can't be accessed again, and it's good for 7 days from the date of printing, so be prepared to print and collect :)

I passed it on to our daughter (she's got her coupon) and will get hubby to sign up next week with his own email address. Our son will have access to a printer at school or here when he comes to visit next.

I'm as excited about the free dinner as I was for Sarah's almost free pasta! I'd love to have a Kroger close to us again, as I used to find great bargains there.

Sarah has done a fantastic job keeping up with this blog and yours; some day I'll be able to contribute a bit more often. Until that happens, know that we are both extremely grateful for the encouragement and helpful tips you have all provided!!! What a village....



  1. I'm a teacher also and we didn't used to get paid in July or August. Our annual salary was divided into 10 payments from Sept. to June. However a few years ago changes were made and now our annual salary is divided into 24 equal payments so I get paid on the 15th and last day of each month, summer months too! Yippee! So much easier for budgeting and no longer to save back $$ each month to live on during the summer!

  2. Jane, that's great! I would love to get paid twice a month all year! It's not an option here at the moment.

    When I taught many years ago, we had the option of getting our checks divided up into 10 even payments or the 'summer' amounts (if we were to get paid) put on the last check in May.

    Ooohhh... big storm - off to unplug!


  3. Something is not right in America today... was it always this way?