Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bleh - a crummy end to the week

I tried to play the numbers game Thursday and I lost. I had the pennies counted out and accounted for. And then life happened.

My DD called at lunchtime. Her keys were locked in her car at work and she needed me to unlock her car. The school where she works is on the way to DS's school (I drive him to and from), so this should not have been a big problem. But she needed her car moved because it was in the bus lane hours before I had to pick up DS. The problem here is that both of their schools are a haul from home and cost me a lot of gas. I was running on fumes as it was and had figured I had just enough to get me to DS and home again before payday Friday. An added round-trip to help DD meant putting an extra $5 of gas in the car.

So I gambled. An auto-deduct payment was scheduled to go out that day, but I knew from experience that it often takes a couple days for that to happen. So I put the extra gas in the car and crossed my fingers.

Yesterday when I checked my account, I found out that I had lost. That little bit had sent me into overdraft and earned me a lovely $35 fee. It just makes me so mad. Mad at the bank that they can make this kind of return. Mad at myself that I'm in this position to begin with.

I cannot wait for the day when a simple trip to help my daughter won't cause such turmoil!



  1. This is so frustrating and I am sorry you are where you are. I have been there. I have gambled I have lost. I keep $200.00 in an overdraft protection account, but I often use it to the last penny. It used to be $1000.00 but I will not balance and then I use it all, yes I will do that in two months I will use all of that account and then overdraw. That is how undisciplined I can be. Now I refuse to pay it off. It sits at about $125.00 to $200.00 and I have to watch my account like a hawk, But what do you do when you have pushed yourself over the edge and have no self-control? I feel bad that we have this problem, this could be me next week! Aghhh! But we are on the right track. We are learning and this will not always happen. Soon you will have a slush fund and you will be able to fool those dang banks!

  2. Well that stinks! I wish it was easier. But at the same time "they" always say anything worth having requires work (or something to that effect). So I sure hope that "they" is right cause this is a lot of hard work.

    I agree that it is ridiculous that the bank can charge such outrageous fees as well. All the more reason to keep at it and never get stuck with their fees again.

    Perhaps, instead of snowflaking on debts at the moment, you could snowflake to yourself? Just so you could have a little cushion of $50 or so. Don't spend it as part of your budget but just to keep in your account for such cases? If you have to use it in an "emergency" then just rebuild it again. It would be well worth it just to save those stupid bank fees!

    Sending a big hug your way!

  3. Man that is a whopper of a fee! I had to have overdraft protection put on my chequing account years ago because I would regularly go into the red before the next paycheque would go in. A dangerous game, I know. However as things improved financially (slowly, very slowly) I went into the red less and less. I still have the O/D protection but haven't used it in a couple of years. It served its purpose and I didn't abuse it - it can work.

  4. Sometimes in life you have to take risks. They won't always pay off and this is just one of those times. It sucks that it turned out like that but don't give up. Even though you are going forward sometimes you get pushed back in the wind. You are stronger than the wind so just continue onwards.

  5. I swear i posted a comment earlier, Blogger must have ate it.
    As I said before, you might want to call your bank and see if they will waive the fee. My husband over drafted his account a couple years ago, when he called they were very helpful.
    I hope you call, because I have learned it never hurts to ask.