Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby steps update

Some day the gerbil wheels will stop spinning long enough for me to put some figures together to post, although I'll be in a better position to do that when I've reached an agreement on the rest of the credit cards. Until then, the cc folks keep piling on the fees and calling with escalating payment requests. I keep telling them we're doing the best we can. They've been nice and even extremely personable most of the time (so far), but I'll be glad when I don't feel a sense of dread when the phone rings.

Regarding the mortgage foreclosure prevention program, I submitted the rest of the documents and info yesterday, and it's been sent off to the home office. After spending untold hours gathering, figuring, typing, and revealing, the hardest part will be waiting to hear if we've been approved. I was told it could take 1-2 months but am hoping that's a stretch. A really long one.

Baby steps going forward:
1. I received payment from Gold Stash. They were apparently not as impressed with my treasures as I was. My payment was $53.63... a digit less than I was anticipating, based on Sarah's experience. Not one to whine more than absolutely necessary, though, that is more than I had before. And payment was fast.

2. I dusted off a few unwanted books to sell online a few months ago and actually sold one last week for $9.26!

3. After this month's payment, one of my husband's medical bill balances will be down to $100! If we weren't looking at a summer month with no paycheck, we could knock that one off this summer. As it is, we'll be knocking it off in September. Woo hoo!

Baby steps going backwards:
1. Our son's toe fell victim to a 95-lb. dumbbell at school on Friday afternoon, leading to a quick trip to Walmart for medical supplies and sandals. Since he's getting no official pay for helping in the weight room with hubby, hubby paid. The good news is that he could move his toe and that it wasn't excruciatingly painful!

2. Right after The Toe incident, son and hubby made a 5-hour trek to pick up a washer and dryer that our daughter's future MIL left behind after her move (daughter doesn't have room for it in the apartment). The cost for gas in our son's truck and food for that quick run - about $250. The value of the w/d - about $1000.

3. Even after being asked not to, someone at school unlocked hubby's office last week and let some of his last period's 'hoodlums' in to get their bookbags before he could get there himself. Some also picked up a few other things while they were at it... like money. Not a fortune, but still....

4. Hubby is a coach. Friday is a fundraiser dinner for the school's booster club, and he's expected to attend. Cost of the ticket, which he gets to pay - $100. Thankfully, we sold our old(est) car last month, so I've pulled out the $100 before the rest was completely consumed by bills, gas, and food. And bills. And gas. And food.

And that's that! Kudos to our debt buddies for any and all successes, even if they may seem tiny. Inch by inch....



  1. What a time you've had - it's a good thing you can keep a sense of humour! Re washer and dryer - are you keeping them, selling them?? I'm hoping you can recoup the expense of going to get them.
    That sucks about the $$ stolen from hubby's office - whoever let them in should be held responsible!!

  2. I read this awhile back it was linked at Get Rich Slowly.
    It's about how to get more money from Cash for Gold places, by refusing their offer and getting a second.

    Too bad about your husband's money getting stolen. It's a real shame.

  3. I do sympathise with you having to pay medical bills - we complain about our Health Service here (England) but gosh, at least we get it for free. And even if it was a small amount of money your husband lost from his office, it's still theft....I'd be shouting the roof down!!

    K xx

  4. Yay for the forward steps. Especially the medical bill being down to $100!!! Great job!

    Boo to all the backward steps... Hopefully the washer and dryer become yours and you can sell your old ones? Or sell those ones and get some cash?

    You're right though, inch by inch. Spoonful by spoonful.

  5. I am amazed by your positive attitude. I have so been where you are right now. We owed over $80,000 in medical bills after a daughter of ours died as an infant. That was after insurance! The hospital forgave half of it and it still took us 24 years to bury her. But we finally made the last payment about 3 years ago. Inch by inch. I was depressed about this for years. It is gone and your debt will be also. Hang in there.

  6. Sorry to hear about your son's toe. He's actually really lucky that it wasn't worse. You are moving in the right direction.

  7. Jane (and Little Lamb), when hubby learned that the w/d were being given to DD and her hubby-to-be, he volunteered to go pick them up. They're only a year old and the $$$ kind; they just don't have a home at the moment. They're in a safe place until DD/hubby-to-be can take them. We'd like to think they'll be able to move closer to us when he's out of grad school, which would make the haul much more fun next time :)

    Thanks for that link, Niki! I'll check it out. Is there a 'Gold Value for Idiots' book???

    To all about the theft: the situation at DH's school this year has been nothing short of 'challenging' in several ways, but it looks promising for some significant upcoming changes. Thank goodness!!!

    Yes, ND Chic, our son was extremely lucky that his FOOT wasn't shattered!!!

    Out My window, I'm sending big hugs your way. Seven years after our second child was born, we cancelled maternity benefits... and were then surprised by baby #3. I was eligible for a state program covering prenatal care and the baby's first year, which was a HUGE help. Just as we were adjusting to life with our newborn, we were stunned to learn he wouldn't be with us long. We were graced with blessings in many ways, including the 'cherub' program at one of the local funeral homes. Because they knew how traumatic infant death was, there was no charge for his service. I'm so glad you were finally able to see an end to your sweet baby's bills. 'Adding insult to injury' is an overwhelming understatement.