Monday, May 2, 2011

Almost free pasta!

I felt like one of those extreme couponers today. Well, sort of. I read on a message board that Kroger was having one of their mega sales. Certain boxes of pasta, for example, were 2/$1 if you bought 10. That means you'd get 10 boxes for $5, which isn't bad. But if you go to the Ronzoni web site, you can print off coupons for $1 off 2 boxes. You can get 2 coupons per printing and you can print twice off of one computer using different emails (follow that?). So I did it, printed off 4 coupons and headed to Kroger. This is what I got:
And this is what I paid:
One dollar for 10 boxes of pasta. Not bad for a quick morning's work. I think that's the extent of my extreme couponing, though. Too much thinking involved.



  1. I wish we had a Kroger in my area. That's an awesome deal.

  2. That is an awesome haul. Congrats!

  3. Once in a while couponing really works!! But I agree, too much thinking involved!

  4. Pasta! Now that is something I could never get enough of! GREAT bargains for sure!!

  5. I just love this kind of bargain! I hoard pasta on my hips!