Monday, April 4, 2011

The weekend $$ bleed ...

I ended Friday with $83.94 left of the paycheck to last for the next seven days. Then the bank statement came in Saturday's mail. Despite my diligence, my figures were off by $4.69. In the bank's favor, naturally.

So my $83.94 became $79.25 without my even spending anything.

Two other purchases were made over the weekend:

Stamps - $7.92
Wiper blades for hubby's car - $17.31

Now I'm at $54.02 until Friday. I think we can do it. Who am I kidding? We have to do it.

Meantime, I'm going to get serious about the food budget and going cash-only via the envelope system. Thanks for all the encouraging ideas on this one, Sarah, Little Lamb, Louise, Jane and Jolie.

Pot roast from the freezer is in the crock pot for dinner. At least we're still eating well.



  1. I think I commented that I had just under $80 left for misc spending. Well, I had a hemorrhage on the weekend (we ate out for breakfast, lunch AND dinner on Saturday!!!!! - so not cool) so now I have less than $10 left. Something has gone terribly wrong and it's only the 4th today! Yikes - I need a transfusion!!

  2. Hope those were some good meals!! Let me know if you find the transfusion station!

  3. You only have 4 more days to go so you can certainly do it. When I am low on the money I keep a count down on the days. Its so tough on the head.

    One other thing I wanted to say about the envelope system is to write down your purchases in a notebook. I have been using the jars for quite sometime but wasn't writing down my expenses and I would have no clue where the money went and was dumbfounded when the jar was empty. Since I started writing it down I have done much better. It helps you see where you can or need to cut back or aren't budgeting enough.

    Hope your reimbursement comes in soon so you can get your efund on the go. :)

  4. Main thing I'm worried about is having enough for gas - we have some long daily commutes that can't be avoided.

    Good point about writing down purchases even when using cash. I probably should do that, especially when I'm trying to figure out a realistic budget. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. the other thing you can do is start keeping a price book, you track the prices and specials and over time you'll be able to work out which store is cheapest and when you can get the best deals. Here's a post a post I wrote about it.

  6. Hi Louise. I've read a lot about price books in the past, but have never gotten around to making my own. I can see how it could be a huge money saver once you got it going. Great post about yours, by the way. Thanks for the idea!