Thursday, April 14, 2011

A penny saved ...

I watched TLC's program, Extreme Couponing, last night. While I was in awe of some of the deals, mostly I was just annoyed. Seemed like an organized way of hoarding to me. I was totally put off by the 24-year-old single woman who cleared the shelves of 30+ bottles of Maalox. Really?

I did, however, dig out my coupons this morning for my grocery shopping trip. I do clip coupons, but I don't use many. I can usually get a better deal by buying the generic brand. Today, however, was especially satisfying. My goal is to come in under $150 a week. This is still probably high, but I have to start somewhere and that's the average I've been spending. And I have been paying attention. Anyway, I was in the store, being rather ticked off by the skyrocketing prices of everything and figuring there was no way I was going to pull this off. At the register, my subtotal was $151.75. But then I pulled out the coupons. Cha-ching! New subtotal: $136.75. I used $15 worth of coupons - and I didn't buy anything I wouldn't have bought anyway. Yay me!

Meantime, Eboo over at My Life Journey has me really excited about her new savings plan. She calls it the Dollar A Week Saving Plan, though it's not quite that. For 52 weeks, she aims to save the amount of the week she is on. For example, on Week 1, she deposits $1. On Week 38, she deposits $38. Eboo calculates that by the end of one year, there will be $1,378 in the account, not counting interest. And the most she will have put in at one time will be $52. I mean, how easy is that? I think I'm going to start tomorrow. Thanks, Eboo! Anyone else want to join us?



  1. $15 OF COUPONS USED IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! It makes that total so much lower! I try to do this every week I shop as well.

    That savings plan sounds very fun!

  2. That grocery trip was a success! Nicely done! And the dollar a week savings plan sounds awesome. Perhaps Ill discuss this with my husband tonight =)

  3. Thanks for the link, Sarah!
    I'd love to take the credit for the dollar a week savings plan, but I can't. It's not my original idea. However, I can't remember whose blog I found it on (it's not one that I read daily), so I can't credit the orginator. If it works for ya though, I'm interested to see how well it works. Let me know how it goes.
    Are you going to start out on week 1, or later to have the savings coincide with Christmas shopping?

  4. Thanks Finding and Two Year for the vote of confidence! That's definitely the best I've done in a long, long time! And please keep an eye on your spam folder - my comments to you all don't show up!

    Eboo, even if it's not yours, I'm giving you credit for pointing it out :) I would like to start on week 19, but I'll have to see how the paycheck looks tomorrow. I would love to have Christmas taken care of like this ... and I'd like to be able to repeat the process starting in January 2012. Thanks again!

  5. That is a great idea! A painless way to save money. Wonderful.

  6. I came across extreme couponing online the other day. I can't stop watching, itching for the next episode - and I don't even live in the US!

    In New Zealand, we don't really have coupons. Certain stores will have their own cards that give you savings, but definitely not the extreme savings you see on that show. Too bad - I could definitely see myself getting into couponing and having my own stockpile of loo paper in the garage! :-)

  7. I completely agree with you on the show. I don't think that I've ever went through one bottle of Maalox, let alone over 30. Even if they are only 50 cents a bottle, I could do something better with that $15.

    Good for you for saving $15 in coupons. That's great.