Friday, April 29, 2011

My first trip to Aldi's

An Aldi's opened across town a few months ago, but today was my first visit. I had heard all kinds of great reviews about how low the prices are and what a fabulous store it is.

I don't know. Maybe I'm missing something, but I wasn't that impressed. I expected the no-frills, bring your own bags experience, so that wasn't a surprise. What I also expected were phenomenal prices and a decent selection. I don't think I found either.

There were some good deals - like 4 ounces of chili powder for 99 cents. But most of the prices were just so-so to me. Now, granted, if I were one to shop at the expensive store every week, I would probably have been amazed by the prices. But I shop at Super Walmart for the most part, stopping at other stores for weekly deals. I think I do just as well there and it's one-stop shopping. Aldi's is not.

As I look at my receipt, I didn't do badly. But I still don't think I'll be back. Here's what I got. What do you think?

5 lb. all-purpose flour - $1.65
5 lb. granulated sugar - $2.49
1 lb. butter - $2.69
10 slices provolone cheese - $2.29
16 slices American cheese - $0.99
12 oz. shredded Colby Jack cheese - $2.79
8 oz. cream cheese spread - $1.39
1 canteloupe - $0.99
2 packages peanut butter and cheese crackers - $0.99 each
2 cans cream of chicken soup - $0.59 each
4 oz. chili powder - $0.99
1 roll paper towels - $0.69

Total with tax - $20.56



  1. Those actually look like great prices to me. We have an Aldi's but I haven't been there yet. I shop at a Wegman's, Trader Joes, BJ's and Target for food. Maybe I should give Aldi's a look.

  2. Some of those prices are okay, but we have very high food prices here in this part of Idaho and I can get better on butter, cream cheese and soup. But I like you always buy most things when they are a loss leader. I have ten lbs. of butter in a spare fridge and 5lbs of cream cheese. I won't buy these things again for a few weeks and then stock up when they are on sale again. I buy all flour and sugar at Christmas when it is very low.

  3. I think ALDI is a great buy to someone who shops at the mainstream supermarkets or buys brand only food. I shop at a major supermarket but I usually buy off brand items and I spend nearly the same at both places on my shopping.

  4. Whoa those are great prices! You'd pay twice that amount or more around here!

  5. I compared prices at Super Walmart this weekend and like I thought, I can do just as well there. I know it's a regional thing, though.

    @ Out my Window - How do you store flour and sugar longterm? I hadn't thought about stocking up on those items at Christmas.

  6. i alternate between shopping at aldi and a traditional supermarket and i have found that, on average, i save quite a bit of money shopping at aldi. i did an experiment last winter and we saved over $100 in 6 weeks just by switching to aldi for most items.