Friday, April 15, 2011

Making the numbers work

Payday and lots of bills. What's new? The good news is the check was enough to pay them with a tiny bit left over. If we pay really close attention, we should make it til next Friday.

No snowflakes this time, but I did set up an ING account for Eboo's savings plan. I couldn't decide how to do it, since it's a one-year plan and we're already at Week 19. I want to reach the finale on Dec. 31, and start over again in 2012. Plus, this would make a great Christmas account. I obviously don't have the extra money to plop down to make up for the first 18 weeks. Then I realized I could add two weeks together and so that's what I'm going to do. Today, I put in $19 for Week 19 and $1 for Week 1. So I start the account with $20. I think this is going to work.

It's so great to be excited about saving money!



  1. I love that savings plan!!! I will be doing that as soon as the debt is gone. For now I want to focus on the emergency fund and debt snowball. I'm listening to my Dave Ramsey cd's all the time and am just angry at the debt!! LOL "You're going down debt!!!" Happy Friday.

  2. I really need to set up my savings plan too. I think that that is such a great idea! Good for you for getting it started!

  3. Good idea to add together weeks to 'catch up'.
    Just a thought though, if you are using this as your Christmas money, are you going to leave amounts deposited after christmas to start building for next year? Is your goal amount whatever sum is there prior to christmas for spending? Just asking...
    Sending you the chart so you can add your own dates to it as you see fit. :)

  4. Can you email me please? I've somehow managed to lose your email address...

  5. It's a great savings plan as it's always just "one more dollar" each week, which will always seem doable! Good luck!

  6. Good luck! I love ING's savings accounts :)