Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bringing up the rear...

Someone's gotta do it, and since Sarah has obviously grabbed the bull by the horns, I guess I'm it.

The less-than-positive news is that I am still trying to work out arrangements with several credit card folks. Some are still quite pleasant to talk to on the phone, others are getting a little testy. I received the first 'debt collection' letter yesterday and responded today with a letter of my own to explain our situation. I hope my next report doesn't hail from a sea of orange.

The good news, however, is that I managed to scrape up enough old rings for our daughter's fiance's wedding band! Since we are having to fork over such a piddly amount for the wedding, we are paying for his band, priced this way at a quarter of the cost of a new band. I won't go into details as to why it means so much to have the ring done this way as opposed to selling the gold and buying a new ring, but 'priceless' comes to mind.

This morning I ordered a packet from GoldStash.com, recommended by Sarah, who learned about the company from Dave Ramsey. I'll send the 'ring' rejects first to see if there's anything there; old coins will be next.

Other accomplishments include hubby's perfecting coasting down the mountain every morning, raising our gas mileage back to over 44 miles per gallon in his little car with over 350K miles (no vacation miles there, either). He drives a LOT of miles daily, so this is a big achievement!

And in a completely free, much-needed activity this weekend, I managed to make an impressive dent in pitching out old papers.

Finally, a shocking, unexpected benefit of trying to stretch food dollars and the overall financial stre$$ over the past few months is that 25 lbs. have gone missing.

So, despite still haggling with too many creditors, I do believe we're heading in the right direction. I sure don't have to worry about getting any speeding tickets....



  1. 25 pounds have gone missing? Just from you?
    I'm apparently missing a couple myself, and hoping 2 more will disappear soon as well. Watch for an upcoming post about that, lol!

    A wise woman once told me, "When you fall on your face, you know you were at least facing the right direction!"

  2. First things first, congratulations on getting your finances straightened out, no matter the length of time it is taking.

    Second - I don't want to sound mean or testy by saying this but you need to change how you word things. Bringing up the Rear? No! More like Preparing for Battle! Stay positive with your words and your actions will be positive.

    Third - I know that you know this isn't a race, but friendly competition can be helpful. You are both doing an amazing job of getting into the knowledge with your situation and working to get it all straightened around. It takes time.

    Also - I think you deserve a Way to Go! 25 pounds missing is a great place for those pounds to be!! Leave them in missing, and feel like you are shedding the weight of stress! Who knew it weighed so much!

    Welcome to the journey for a better financial situation! Can't wait to watch you progress!!

  3. Yes, Eboo - just from me! Talk about a shocker. It was much-needed, so I am thrilled with that side effect of all this :) I have plenty more to spare, so maybe your two and my extra ??? will somehow get together....

    Love that quote!

    Don't worry, Finding My Way! I'm really an optimist (although after learning of our tax status, I'm taking a mini break from optimism to regroup!!!) and am not being negative in 'bringing up the rear.' I look on it as learning from others and figuring out what our own plan of action should be, and since my plate is piled rather high right now, I'm thankful to be 'bringing' ANYthing!

    Sarah and I work great together and are each other's biggest cheerleaders in everything :) I'm thrilled she's managed to accomplish so much, and she's thrilled when I can report some progress in any capacity.

    And, yes, I intend for a few more pounds to join those MIA :)

    Thanks to you both so much for your support and encouragement! This is a fantastic group....


  4. A few years ago many of us were standing right where you are now and with the support of the group have maintained forward movement, though many days it felt like standing still. You'll backslide here and there, unexpected expenses will pop us and you'll learn to DEAL with it.
    Here you can whine and rant and be heard, here you can also celebrate your victories and we'll cheer along with you:)
    Woo hoo on 25lbs - frugality has its perks!!