Monday, March 21, 2011

How I saved $700

Maybe I should have said how I managed to not spend $700.

Last time we had our car in the shop for a routine oil change and such, the nice man at the dealership pointed out that our alternator was nearly kaput and that we would be wise to replace it pronto. He would be willing to do just that for the bargain-basement price of $698. We asked if this was something we really needed to do right away and he assured us that it was and said we would be sorry if we ended up on the side of the road.

But given that we had nowhere near to that kind of money at the time, we tucked that info away in the back of our minds and went back to our life of poverty. It's always been nagging at us, though, and with this year's tax return, we thought we might have it done. First, though, we decided to take the car to a local fix-it shop that a lot of our friends use. We were thinking he might give us a better price for such a job. And he sure did. He told us our alternator was just fine and showed no signs of needing replacing.

Part of me wants to be mad at the dealership. But the other part is jumping for joy that we don't have to spend that money right now and can put it toward debt instead.

And on the topic of our debt. I've decided I'll be updating my ticker once a month. Maybe it will look better that way.


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